Other Documents

In this section you can view various additional documents relating to the New Tyne Crossing which are not specifically part of the application process.

Discretionary Purchase Guidelines

The Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Authority (the "TWPTA") proposes to construct a new tunnel beneath the River Tyne (the "New Tyne Crossing "). In order to do this the TWPTA is applying for powers of compulsory acquisition in relation to a specific area.


Within those areas the TWPTA will be able to decide whether it acquires property. Outside those areas the TWPTA does not intend to purchase further property and cannot be made to do so.

However, if your enjoyment of your home is seriously affected by the proposal for the New Tyne Crossing, you may ask the TWPTA to buy it even if it is not needed for the proposed scheme. The TWPTA will have a discretion as to whether it buys your property.

These guidelines explain the requirements you must fulfil before the TWPTA considers whether to buy your property.