Q. Why aren't the Tyne Tunnels free like the other cross Tyne routes?

A. The Tyne Tunnels do not get any financial help from Central Government, unlike the other crossings of the Tyne. They have to cover their running costs and, before control passed to TT2, had to repay the Government for the money that was borrowed for its construction. Toll monies are now being used to fund the New Tyne Crossing.

Q. What is an immersed tube tunnel? And are there any others in Britain/Europe?

A. An immersed tube tunnel is a tunnel made up of a number of 'tube' units which are constructed in a dry dock and floated out to their final location and then sunk into a dredged trench. The tube units are then fastened together and covered over for protection. The technique has many advantages over a bored tunnel (like the original vehicle tunnel for example) and has been used for numerous tunnels in Europe. Contractor Bouygues TP was responsible for the construction of an immersed tube tunnel in Rostock, Germany. There are two other examples in Britain at Medway, Kent, and Conwy in North Wales.

Q. What is a Concessionaire?

A. This is the company set up by the successful bidder to deliver the New Tyne Crossing project and to operate all the tunnels for 30 years. The Concessionaire is TT2 Ltd.

Q. Will the tolls have to rise and why?

A. Yes, the tolls will have to rise to meet the financing costs involved in constructing the new vehicle tunnel and refurbishing the original tunnel. Click here to find out more.

Q. Will houses adjacent to the proposed tunnel get noise insulation?

A. It is envisaged that the Noise Insulation Regulations 1975 will apply. Base line surveys have been already been carried out and any properties found to comply with the 1975 Act criteria will be offered noise insulation.

Q. Why are the Engineer and the other TWITA Chief Officers for the Tyne Tunnel employed by Newcastle City Council?

A. The reason goes back to the abolition of the former Tyne and Wear County Council in 1986. Each of the five Tyne and Wear Metropolitan District Councils took responsibility for a function of the former County Council that was to continue on a countywide basis. Newcastle was given responsibility for administering the Integrated Transport Authority which is responsible for the Tyne Tunnels.

Q. What will happen to the pedestrian/cyclist tunnels?

A. These tunnels are Grade 2 Listed Buildings and will be retained as a free facility. The cost of their upkeep will be met from the tolls levied on traffic using the vehicle tunnels. They are due to receive a major refurbishment in 2012.

Q. If I have a complaint or comment to make about the Tyne Tunnels who do I speak to?

A. The New Tyne Crossing helpline (0191 262 4451) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take your calls.