Temporary A185 road closure for New Tyne Crossing works

A temporary road closure is required this month (January 2011), to enable highway works to be carried out at the south interchange of the Tyne Tunnel in Jarrow.

The westbound A185 between South Shields and Jarrow will be closed from the Church Bank junction to the A19 junction for a period of four weeks, from Thursday 6th January to Thursday 3rd February 2011. The road closure will come into effect at 00:00 (midnight) on the morning of 6th January.

This means that the A185 will be closed to traffic in both directions between the Tyne Tunnel junction and the Church Bank junction, as the eastbound A185 was closed to traffic earlier this year to enable other New Tyne Crossing works to take place.

Please note that Church Bank remains open as usual.

During the road closure, motorists will be asked to follow a diversion via the A194 and Lindisfarne Roundabout in order to access the A19 further south. All diversions will be clearly sign-posted in advance of the closure. South Tyneside Council ask that motorists approach the John Reid Road and Lindisfarne roundabouts with care during this period, and wish to encourage motorists to use both lanes on the approaches and to avoid blocking the lanes on the roundabouts.

Pedestrian routes will be maintained between Jarrow and Low Simonside using the existing, secure footway through the construction site.

The Tyne Tunnel will not be affected by these works and will remain open for business as usual throughout.

TT2 and Bouygues Travaux Publics UK apologise for the temporary disruption associated with this element of work, and would like to thank road users for their ongoing patience.


1. A19 Tyne Tunnel traffic will not be affected by the road closure

2. Affected A185 traffic: Motorists intending to drive south on the A19 will be asked to follow a diversion via the A194 to Lindisfarne Roundabout in order to access the A19 further south. Motorists wishing to head north on the A19, or to access Jarrow and Hebburn, may continue to use the A185 and Church Bank. All diversions will be well-signposted in advance of the closure.

3. The temporary closure is necessary to enable Bouygues Travaux Publics UK, the main design and build contractor for the New Tyne Crossing, to build a new roundabout at Straker Street and undertake further structural works. Construction of the roundabout is a major part of the realignment of the Tyne Tunnel’s south interchange, which has been designed to prevent local traffic and A19 traffic from interrupting each other’s flow. Upon completion, A19 traffic will travel direct into and out of the road tunnels, with local traffic using the newly built roundabouts and road bridges to access and exit the A19. The changes to the road layout will create a far smoother journey for all motorists.

4. TT2 and South Tyneside Council have examined alternatives to the road closure, and have concluded that this action is the best option in order to complete the New Tyne Crossing works whilst maintaining the safety of motorists and pedestrians, and minimising as far as possible further congestion at peak times.

5. TT2 is the New Tyne Crossing Concessionaire, responsible for the construction of the new road tunnel and associated structures as well as the part financing of the project and the operation and maintenance of all tunnels at the Tyne Tunnel site for a 30 year concession period.

6. Bouygues Travaux Publics UK is the main design and build contractor for the New Tyne Crossing.