Construction of New Tyne Crossing Road Bridges Ahead of Schedule

Following the closure of the Tyne Tunnel this weekend, construction of the new road bridges at the south junction are one step closer to completion.

Construction image of New Tyne Crossing
The existing Tyne Tunnel was closed on 11th and 12th July to enable construction of the central beams of the new loop road, which will link local Jarrow and South Shields traffic with the A19, and the replacement bridge for Howard Street in Jarrow.
Main design and build contractor, Bouygues Travaux Publics, was able to complete the placement of the road beams ahead of programme this weekend, enabling the tunnel to reopen to traffic six and a half hours earlier than planned.
Image of a construction beamThirteen 28m long concrete beams, each weighing up to 39 tonnes, were placed across the central section of the new loop road by a 350 tonne crane positioned on the A19 carriageway.
Meanwhile two lots of seventeen concrete beams, each approximately 25 metres in length and weighing up to 30 tonnes, were placed across the east and west sections of the replacement Howard Street Bridge.
Once complete the south junction of the New Tyne Crossing will enable A19 traffic to flow unimpeded directly into and out of the vehicle tunnels, removing the bottleneck that currently exists there.
Image of trailers carrying the construction beamsTrevor Jackson, Managing Director of TT2, said:
“We’ve been very pleased with progress this weekend, and I’m delighted that we have been able to reopen the tunnel to our customers earlier than planned.
“I appreciate that the tunnel closure may have been inconvenient for some motorists, but I’m sure that drivers coming through the tunnel this week will be impressed by the changes they’ll see. 
“We’re one step closer to bringing free flowing traffic to the A19 with the construction progress we’ve made this weekend, and I would like to thank our customers, and the local community, for their patience as we carried out this vital work.”