Children have designs on safety for the New Tyne Crossing

School children in Jarrow and East Howdon are warning others to “stay safe - stay out” of the New Tyne Crossing building site, with their own construction site safety notices.

The campaign was launched during the school summer term, when representatives from TT2, the concessionaire appointed to deliver the New Tyne Crossing, visited local primary schools to talk about the risks for children and unauthorised people on building sites.

Trevor Jackson, TT2’s Managing Director, said: “Site safety is of paramount importance to us. Whilst we will ensure the construction site as safe as possible while work is taking place, it’s important that people understand that there are very real risks within a construction site, so that they’re not tempted to try to find a way onto the site.

“This is why we launched a safety campaign specifically aimed towards children, as they can often be the most curious about what’s happening on the other side of a building site fence. We need to make sure no uninvited guests come onto our site at any time.”

The safety campaign was launched with the aim of deterring bored or curious children from coming onto site during the six-week summer holiday break. The children’s safety posters will help to reinforce the message during the rest of the year.

The winning safety poster designs have been made into official construction site notices by the design and build contractor, Bouygues Travaux Publics and can be seen on hoardings across Jarrow and East Howdon.

The winning entries were submitted by Paige Perry (Jarrow Cross Primary School), Sascha Dulcie Mason (Percy Main Primary School) and Christopher Howard (St Bede’s RC Primary School).

Runners-up were Sinead Malvern (Percy Main School), Leigh Kyle (St Bede’s School) and Kai Newton (Jarrow Cross School).