Chaytor Street, Jarrow closed for one week as tunnel trench is backfilled

The main structure of the new tunnel in the space beneath Chaytor Street has now been built, enabling design and build contractor, Bouygues Travaux Publics, to refill the trench above the tunnel with soil.

For these earthworks to take place the temporary road bridge that currently carries Chaytor Street over the tunnel, located between Ferry Street and Commercial Road, must be dismantled. Once backfilling has been completed, the final carriageway can then be built, opening to traffic on the morning of Monday 21st June.

Project Managing Director for Bouygues Travaux Publics, Nicolas Caille, said: “We have tried hard to coordinate our activities so that we are able to achieve a great deal of work in only a few days. This will minimise inconvenience to people who use Chaytor Street, while enabling us to complete this essential work. The project overall is making excellent progress and we are looking forward to opening the new vehicle tunnel in February 2011.”

Chaytor Street will be closed at the point where it crosses the construction site for the new vehicle tunnel, located between Ferry Street and Commercial Road. The pedestrian footpath along Chaytor Street will remain open during this period. Motorists will be asked to follow a diversion across Howard Street Bridge (A185).

On Monday 21st June, Salem Street in Jarrow will reopen to traffic, having been closed to facilitate construction works. This will enable High Street to close to traffic so that reinstatement works can commence there. High Street in Jarrow will remain closed to traffic and pedestrians for approximately three weeks.


1) For the duration of Chaytor Street’s closure, two lanes of traffic will be temporarily opened up on the roundabout at the junction of Howard Street Bridge, Priory Road and Straker Street (leading to the tunnel roundabout). Once Chaytor Street has reopened it will be necessary to reduce the roundabout to one lane of traffic to enable traffic islands and additional construction works to be completed.

2) Once the tunnel trench has been backfilled landscaping works will begin later this summer.